Crafts Cluster Platform

Our subscription-based platform will allow our customers to join the communities, access virtual shelf space to list their products and services. It enables our customers (artisans and crafts people) to place advertisements about their products as part of our service package.

Also, they will be granted the title of “coach” upon reaching a certain amount of points within specific criteria. This will qualify them to provide consulting services to other artisans and an opportunity for additional income. The title of “coach” or “captain” will enable them to run courses through our training site for other artisans to acquire and develop new skills.

Furthermore, according to the number of points earned, the artisans will be entitled to sign financial contracts (e.g. 1,000 points will qualify them for contracts of up to $4,000 a month, etc.). Thus, additional financial income for artisans and the exchange of distinctive experiences among the community will elevate the entire market to unprecedented levels.

The Program

Our program will offer:

  • Online courses
  • Extra points will be given to those who complete the courses on our website and will be given a certificate after completing an exam.
  • Technical assistance and training to enable the craftsman to obtain the necessary government licenses.
  • Latest tools and innovations in the market with video-tutorials.
  • Price list for the services in the market to enable newly experienced artisans to enter the market.
  • Reward system: successful projects come with more benefits (money rewards, priority on a search engine, guarantee).